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Citizen Police Academy

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The Grand Prairie Police Department Citizen Police Academy (CPA) is an educational program designed to familiarize the public with the nature of police work.  Participants are encouraged to share this realistic view of the Department with other citizens.  The goal is to improve the efficiency of law enforcement in their neighborhoods through open lines of communication, shared responsibilities and resources.

The CPA program is a series of 10 class sessions held in the Community Room of the Public Safety Building starting at 6:30pm.  Classes are held either Tuesday or Thursday evenings depending on whether you attend the English or Spanish version and 3 Saturday sessions. To successfully graduate, each participant is required to attend at least 10 of the 13 sessions.

There is no cost to attend the CPA. Graduates of the Grand Prairie Citizen Police Academy are NOT trained to be police officers or vigilantes.  The purpose of the CPA is to educate attendees so they can make informed judgments about the police department as they become ambassadors of good will to the community.  Many CPA graduates become GPPD volunteers within our Volunteers In Police Service Program, Citizens On Patrol, Special Events or as a member of the Grand Prairie Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association.

Residents who live or work in Grand Prairie are invited to apply.  Participants must possess a valid Texas driver’s license; agree to a criminal background check; be 21 years old or older; and not convicted of a felony.  Space is limited and everyone is encouraged to register as early as possible. 

For more information contact:

                      Officer Kevin Dixon                                    Officer Edgar Molina


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