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The Grand Prairie Citizen Police Academy has a rich history beginning in September 1989. In 2009 several members decided to form the Grand Prairie Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (GPCPAAA) to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Grand Prairie Police Department in the

Grand Prairie community, to provide help and support to the department when requested,

and to provide for the incidental needs of the department. 

Our members have a high level of community involvement, including providing teddy bears to comfort small children on police calls, participating in the Santa Cop charitable toy drive, and promoting crime prevention awareness during National Night Out and many other community events. We support our police officers by providing refreshments on a regular basis, and hosting the Grand Prairie Police Department’s Annual Awards Banquet. Some of our members also volunteer for the police department in other capacities such as Citizens On Patrol, Volunteers In Police Service and Special Event Volunteers.

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